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Practical Exam Victims

EMT Candidate Testing
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Participants that have already tested at a practical examination as a candidate may NOT participate as exam victims until they have completed the testing process.

OEMS has modified the stations being tested at Connecticut practical exams.  More information is available is available on our blog and includes access to the official CT OEMS skill sheets.

Exam Description

Practical examinations are dependent on victims to play the role of patients and EMT assistants in testing stations. The exam victim program provides the opportunity for future EMT candidates to familiarize themselves with the testing process and provide necessary support for candidates that are testing.

Rules and Requirements

  • EMT candidates that have already started the certification testing process (i.e. have already taken the practical exam and need to repeat stations) may not participate as exam victims.
  • You must arrive by 5:30 PM to participate as a victim in this examination.
  • OEMS requires us to have a specified number of victims – if you expect to be late or unable to make the examination, please notify us as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.
  • Although most examinations are finished before 9:00 PM, it is important that participants are able to attend the examination until their stations are completed which may be later than 10:00 PM.
  • Outside papers such as NREMT skill sheets and notes, electronic devices, weapons, and books are not permitted in the testing or staging areas. Please leave these items in your vehicle or at the front desk. Code One is not responsible for items left at the examination.
  • Participants will be assigned to a station and rotated to 2-3 stations throughout the examination. The stations which participants rotate through are Medical Patient Assessment; Cardiac Arrest Management (AED); and Random Immobilization (Long Bone or Joint). Depending on availability Trauma Patient Assessment and Airway Management may be available for observation, however, these stations are normally not staffed with observers/victims.
  • Exam victims must not wear any clothing that identifies them to an organization, agency, or department (i.e. Fire Department shirts). No hats are permitted in the examination. Clothing should also be appropriate for the movements and activities being performed (skirts and low cut shirts will not be permitted). Those dressed inappropriately will be required to change attire prior to the start time of the test.
  • Volunteers may not help or provide assistance to candidates during the examination. Station scenarios and candidate performances are also confidential and may not be discussed or shared. Any volunteers that do not comply with OEMS requirements will be dismissed from the examination and jeopardize their ability to test in Connecticut.


Candidates will be evaluated against the official CT OEMS skill sheets.

The stations tested are:

  1. BVM Ventilation
  2. Cardiac Arrest AED
  3. Random Skill (Joint Immobilization, Long Bone Immobilization, or Bleeding Control / Shock)
  4. Medical Assessment
  5. Trauma Assessment

Practical Exam Schedule

Upcoming exam dates are listed below.  Click on your course date for additional details and register.

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